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At the corner of 3rd
and Gay Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215 1.614.233.7541
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Craft Beers

We celebrate the resurrection and acknowledgement of beer. We love wine as much as beer but we also understand their differences and how they work with our menu. In the realm of brewers, there is a tremendous amount of people working for this nouveau culture and we want to introduce you them. Allow us to transport you around Columbus to some local brewers as well as around the world to Germany and Belgium where beer crafting is an essential part of their history.

Craft Beer Selection:

    STONE runination

    WEIHENSTEHPANER original premium

    BRECKENRIDGE avalanche amber ale

    LEFT HAND milk stout

    DOGFISH head 60 minute IPA

    DELIRIUM tremens

    ROCKMILL BREWERY saison 750 mL

    ROCKMILL BREWERY dubbel 750 mL

    ROCKMILL BREWERY cask aged tripel 750 mL

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Tessora Mia Video
Watch and learn how the Tessora Mia cocktail is made at Latitude 41.
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