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At the corner of 3rd
and Gay Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215 1.614.233.7541
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Our Inspiration


Our efforts are focused on selecting wines that are unique, stylish, intelligent and balanced. We spend tremendous time swirling, smelling and tasting wines from around the world.
We provide our wine adoring customers with ever-changing opportunities to explore many of the wine regions of the old world and the new world.

To complement the physical comfort of a trendy lounge, we have a profound respect and adoration for good cocktails; just like excellent food needs excellent ingredients, a great cocktail needs fresh squeezed juice that will make you, cocktail lovers, nurse on your drink. But don’t worry; we can always make you another one!!!!

We celebrate the resurrection and acknowledgement of beer. We love wine as much as beer but we also understand their different cultures. In the world of brewers, there is a tremendous amount of people working for this nouveau culture and we want to introduce you to them
We have a good selection of Columbus based brewers ,good all American beer and some iconic Belgium and German award winners.

Drink Inspirations
Combining our fresh squeezed juice and some local flavors, we have mastered an array of cocktails like our own Cornell’s Bloody Mary that speaks for our spicy spirit, our Mead’ Mosa that reflects our love for local products and our Aviation that represents our classic respect for an excellent drink with a twist.
All too often, friends of the local food movement are stymied when it comes to the drink menu. Even though we have incorporated local sourcing into everything from the appetizers to the desserts, it can be difficult to find a local wine, beer or spirit on the menu. That is why we took the next step and partnered with local beverages producers featuring their inspirations in our best drinks.

Local Partners
 Rockmill Brewery - Master Brewer Matt Barbee with his Belgium brews.
 Brothers Drake - The first Mead produced in Columbus.
 Middlewest Spirits - A distillery where local ingredients are the only ingredients.
 Tessora (treasure in Italian) Is a new liquor made locally by a family from the Abruzzo region in Italy. It has been a secret recipe for 200 years.
Watershed Distilllery - a local distiller of spirits with a gin that will change what you thought about Gin forever

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Tessora Mia Video
Watch and learn how the Tessora Mia cocktail is made at Latitude 41.
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