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Chestnut Agnolotti

Pasta Dough

Semolina Flour  750 g
Yolks  9
Whole eggs  4
Water  25 g
Evo  25 g
Sea Salt  17 g

Combine flour and salt in ming bowl with dough hook and mix on low. Drizzle in water and oil. Drizzle eggs into flour. Mix 25 mins.  Allow to rest 1 hour before working with.

For Chestnut Filling:

3 lbs.   Whole Chestnuts
1 cup   Mascarpone
½ cup  Ricotta

Make an “x” slit into chestnuts and roast in oven at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes, until the shell and pellicle are easily removable.  They will curl back from the nut when this is achieved.  Place peeled chestnuts in food processor and pulse until smooth.  Fold in mascarpone and ricotta cheese and season. 

To make agnolotti:

Using a pasta machine, roll sheets of pasta on the #6 setting.  Take a teaspoon of filling and place on bottom 1/3 of pasta sheet.  Fold the top half over the filling.  Using a fluted ring mold, cut out a half moon shape agnolotti just over the filling.  Crimp closed to ensure a tight seal.  These are best frozen and then dropped in salted boiling water to serve. 

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