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At the corner of 3rd
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Our Inspiration

The Food

Tomato Mozzarella Flatbread -  We make a really simple pomodoro sauce with some fantastic Italian plum tomatoes, carmelized carrots, onions, and garlic, and then we blend in some good olive oil.   Then we top that with some really nicely smoked mozzarella and some fresh basil.

Exotic Mushroom Flatbread  -  This is one of my favorite flatbreads.  We do a really nice blend of whatever wild and exotic mushrooms are in season.  It is complemented with a great cheese called Bel Paese which means “Beautiful Country”.  We finish it with white truffle oil and chives which give it a really nice earthy quality. 

Gyro Flatbread -  Playing off street food is a really fun way for us to put our spin on comfort food.  Our merguez comes from Jamison Farm in Latrobe, PA where they are really passionate about their lambs.  As a certified humane farm, we know that were getting a great product because it shows they care about what they are doing.  We top that with carmelized onions, Blue Jacket Dairy feta, tzatziki, chopped romaine, grape tomatoes, and kalamata olives.  Best part about it, it’s just as messy as the classical version.

Wedge and Wings/Korean Wings -  Gastropub food is my favorite style of cooking.  We take something like chicken wings and step them up a notch.  We brine the wings for 6 hours, and then confit them in duck fat overnight at a real low temperature.   This breaks down all the cartilage of the wing and leaves you with only a really tender piece of meat that literally falls of the bone.  They get fried again to order to crisp them up and get them hot.  We have two variations.  The wedge and wing is a buffalo wings served with our own housemade blue cheese dressing, a cross section of the iceberg lettuce, smoked bacon, and grape tomatoes.  We also do Korean style wings tossed in a sweet chili sauce and served over a bed of kimchee.  

Lobster Mac N’ Cheese -  This is the grown up version of macaroni and cheese.  We butter poach lobster and make a cream sauce with mascarpone, parmesan, truffle oil and chives.  We toss that with orechiette pasta, which means “little ear” in Italian.  Quite a fun dish.  Funny enough, I’ve been threatened bodily harm if this was ever to be taken of the menu, and I can’t blame them.

Chicken and Waffles – The first time I tried Taste of Belgium’s waffle, I immediately thought we had to do our version of the California classic.  We use Speckled Hen chicken from North Market and bone the whole thing.  We turn that into a roulade that has both the the dark and white meat of the chicken.  We serve the waffle with a little corn butter, and a spicy maple glaze over the fried chicken.  We serve that with some braised swiss chard and sautéed corn. 

Spicy Bouchot Mussels –  The mussels are really the star of this dish.  We get mussels from Blue Hill Bay in Maine.  They are a small, family oriented cultivator that provides us with the best mussels I’ve ever had.  They are rope cultivated which means they never actually touch the ocean bed.  The worst part about eating shellfish is getting grit inside them.  With this method, that’s impossible.  They also do tidal feeding which helps them ensure that each one is really meaty.   We make a spicy lemongrass and ginger broth with a little sambal, which is a garlic chili paste, and then finished with a little cilantro.   I could eat the broth and a loaf of bread and be a real happy guy. 

Deviled Eggs -  This is a great little snack, but its hard not to eat ten of them.  We use Holistic Acres eggs for this dish and hard boil them for 8 minutes.  Our filling is made with Benton’s smoked bacon, horseradish, crème fraiche, a little Dijon and chives.   We finish them with some smoked paprika and fried shallots.  2 for 1.75, get a few. 

“Frenchie” Fries – I have family in Nova Scotia and during my visits there I was exposed to a French Canadian classic called poutine.  This is our spin on it.   We make a red wine braised beef bourguignon with our scraps from all our butchering of various cuts of beef.  The sustainability aspect of using something other wise considered useless, and turning it into something fantastic really inspires us.  The duck fat wedges get covered in the gravy and then topped with Blue Jacket cheddar curd and a soft poached egg.  Great dish to share as a table. 

Pear Salad -  Probably among one of my favorite salads that we do.  We typically run this all year long, but its best when we can get local pears, however, still a great salad.  We make a really simple brittle with pepitas instead of tree nuts.  Great for adding that quality to a salad for those with nut allergies.  This is then combined with Point Reyes bleu cheese which is a really creamy bleu that packs just the right amount of punch with out being overly pungent.  The sweetness from the brittle and the bleu cheese make a really great marriage.  We toss the salad with a little vanilla infused balsamic vinaigrette and top with some freshly cut slices of pear. 

41 Juicy Lucy -  This is a must try for any burger lover.  The best part of a burger is when you first get it fresh out of the kitchen and the cheese has just been melted over top of it.  Well with this version, you get that in every bite you take.  We use ground kobe beef and make two patties out of it.  Then we take Blue Jacket cheddar curd and put the cheese between the two patties.  The patties are then crimped close to form a pocket.  We cook that on the flattop and the cheese melts from the inside.  We then carmelize onions, and put it on brioche toast with white truffle aioli.  All the essentials of a perfect burger, but be careful on that first bite, the cheese may get you!

Full O’ Bologna Sandwich -  Everyone grew up with bologna sandwiches, so the only thing I ask before you try this, is forget what you remember.  This bologna is made by Bluescreek Farm in the North Market and its phenomenal.  We take a few slices of their bologna fried, top with our horseradish coleslaw, and then add truffle fries to the inside of the sandwich.  This is NOT the bologna sandwich your mom used to make. 

Braised Lamb Fettuccine -  I love making fresh pasta.  It has such a wonderful texture and flavor and really makes a difference when you make it yourself.  We can do a lot of different shapes and applications with all the same dough.  With this, we roll it out into sheets and then hand cut it into fettuccine.  It gets cooked when you order it so its truly fresh.  We take lamb shoulder from Bluescreek Farm and braise it.  We then make the sauce by blending all the mirepoix and braising liquid from the shoulder and straining it out.  We sweat a little fennel, add red wine, and the reserved jus and cook down with the pulled lamb shoulder.  We then fold in a little walnuts and Blue Jacket Feta to finish.

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