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At the corner of 3rd
and Gay Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215 1.614.233.7541
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The results are in! Our esteemed judges (Monica Day of NBC 4, Chef Eric Till of Commonwealth Sandwich Bar, and Rick Wolfe of The Cheesy Truck) have declared Chef Dave MacLennan of Latitude 41 Restaurant the overall winner of the Grilled Cheese Throwdown and the newly crowned Grilled Cheese Master! A close second goes to Chef Jeff Lindemeyer of Cameron's American Bistro.

Our featured "grilled cheese" was somewhat a twist on a BLT as well. We used Brioche bread, a luxurious tomato jam, pork belly, and of course CHEESE! Stay tuned for the recipe so you can make Chef Dave's winning creation on your own!

I rank this restaurant with all 5 stars for customer service! My mom and I had dinner there this past Friday as I had been wanting to try it for a long time. I consider myself a local foodie and love to dine at local restaurants over corporate chains any day. Currently I have specific dietary restrictions which could result in a waiter's worst nightmare (although I try to make it as easy as possible). Given that this place has a seasonal menu with primarily everything that I can't eat (carbs, sugars, winter veggies), I was worried I couldn't modify anything. Not the case! Our waiter was awesome! First, he brought me a couple of red wines to sample. Second he offered to check with the kitchen to see if they could make the mussels without cider (they could). Finally, they completely made me my own meal of salmon, brussel sprouts and kale (all ingredients they had available in other menu items) and it was absolutely delicious! I also love that they source ingredients locally! My waiter never made me feel uncomfortable for my special needs and the food was outstanding! If you value quality food and dynamic service, I would check this place out!
Dined on 1/03/14

This was my first visit to Latitude 41. I wanted to provide my 12-year-old daughter on her friend with a special dining experience. we skipped the child menu, and selected to go with the chef's menu for the three of us. this was a tricky proposition since I am vegan and I had two kids with me. our server, Charles, could not have been any better. The chef came up with a very child friendly menu for the girls: Pear salad, lobster macaroni and cheese, steak, and a delicious toffee cake dessert. I had for delicious and perfect vegan plates each pair with the perfect wine selection. If the chef can accommodate my dinner party he can accommodate anybody's needs.
Dined on 11/03/12

One of the best meals we've had in Columbus in years.
Dine on 10/12/12/

Loved our dinner out. We ate outside and enjoyed the early fall weather. Our waiter, Tiffany, was perfect. The staff makes you feel very welcome; like they've known you forever. I think I go there more for the people than the food. But the food is fantastic too. Not something you'll find in other restaurants.
Dined on 9/21/12

We took friends to Latitude 41 for their first time eating there. They said the food, T-bone lamb chop, sweet corn risotto, and lobster macaroni and cheese as weel as the desserts we chose, definitely raised the bar for their dining experiences. Bravo to the chef.
Dined on 8/18/12

I love the decor, which has a quiet elegance that warmly invites the diner to be comfortable and relaxed. I adore the menu, which offers unusual and immensely interesting dishes. The food is exquisite, with tastes that educate but never overwhelm the palate. The prices make it accessible to all. I really treasure this restaurant. The location is superb, giving an urbane sense of cosmopolitan chic while retaining the connection with pastoral farmlands. The experience of dining there lights one up without any neon flashiness. The reception is heartful without one degree of cool, cold reserve.
Dined on 7/28/12

Absolutely fantastic food--all four people in my group loved it. And a lot of it made from local sources. The sweet corn risotto, grilled brussels sprouts and chocolate dessert were especially good. Also, an excellent Negroni from the bar.
Dined on 7/26/12

Our waitress was fantastic. She asked if we were going to the show afterward and when we said yes, she said I'll make sure I get you out of here in plenty of time and she did.
Dined on 9/04/11

The best tasting menu I have ever encountered. The chef is outstanding!
Dined on 8/13/11

"Tasting menu shows great variety and texture. Excellent."
Dined on 5/13/2011
"My family celebrated my husband's birthday at Latitude 41. The goat cheese rasoto was amazing. I had the h Hangar steak with sweet potato gnocchi and it was divine. We also enjoyed a bottle of Klinker Brick old vine Syrah that was lovely."
Dined on 4/28/2011
"We recently visited Latitude 41. Have heard many great reviews so for our anniversary we tried it out. We had believed that the menu would be much more pricy and was pleasantly surprised by the selections choices priced in the mid-teens to low $20's. We opted for a tasting menu of 4 courses with a wine pairing. Total was $50pp. We were amazed my the presentations and flavors. They all were spot on!! Wines while not top end were wonderfully matched with the selctions presented by the Chef."
Dined on 4/25/2011

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